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Our Values


Respect: We respect the autonomy and dignity of our patients and aim to provide care in a way that is non-judgmental and non-discriminatory.

Compassion: We aim to provide care with respect and understanding, recognizing that the people we serve may have experienced trauma and unique challenges in their lives. 

Empathy: We work to understand the unique challenges and experiences of people who are experiencing homelessness and strive to provide care that is tailored to their needs.

Inclusion: We work to ensure that everyone has access to healthcare, regardless of their background or ability to pay, and seek to create an environment that is welcoming and inclusive. 

Strengths-based Approach: We value the unique strengths and assets of each individual and community and seek to build on those assets to promote health, well-being, and independence.


Integrity: We are committed to the highest ethical standards in all of our actions to rebuild our patients' trust in the healthcare system. 


Accountability:  We believe in showing up and  accomplishing the things we say we will do, and in doing so foster trusting relationships between our patients and our team.


Collaboration: We work closely with other community organizations to provide comprehensive care for our patients and to address the root causes of homelessness and poverty.


Advocacy: We believe  that housing is health care and work to advocate for policies and programs that address the root causes of health disparities and promote social justice. 


Innovation: We continually challenge ourselves to seek new ways to better serve our patients and fulfill our mission to reduce health inequities and improve the overall health and well-being of those we serve and our community as a whole.

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